Vancouver Based Interdisciplinary Digital Media Artist Focused on Interactivity and Audio + Visual Experience


Erim Kocatepe is a Vancouver based interdisciplinary media artist. His practice mostly revolves around concepts such as interactivity, audio + visual experience, interaction design, and participation. He is currently continuing his studies at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, focused on Digital + Interactive Media Arts and Curatorial Practices.


Digital media

Time-based digital sculptures and minimalist audio + visual experiences.

creative Coding

Electronic objects, algoritmic visuals, and custom softwares for performances.


Immersive multimedia installations with participant engagement.

  • cinema 4D
  • openFrameworks
  • processing
  • arduino
  • c++
  • javaScript
  • CSS3
  • unity 3D
  • maya
  • madMapper
  • ableton live
  • logic studio
  • pure data
  • photoshop
  • premiere
  • after effects
  • illustrator
  • resolume
  • GEN101

    Downloadable Generative audio visual app for musical performance. The visual can be manipulated by user interface and audio input.

    Rock the boat

    Social experiment to create connetions between a group of strangers in a digital and object combined, immersive land boat.


    Interactive electronic object that responds to the viewer's presence with enigmatic motion of its own.

  • Continuum - Face Recog.

    Interactive avatar that tracks the viewer's face and digitally mirrors their physical cordinates in concrete space.


    Modular sphere constructred and deformed by manipulating digitally generated points and lines.


    Collection of patterns created on deformed 3D surfaces through projections of different light sources.

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